Alexander von Humboldt (1769–1859), a Prussian explorer, traveled in Cuba, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. The illustrations of his books demonstrate a wide range of representational methods, with elements of scientific illustration often inserted into landscapes. Mount Chimborazo, in Ecuador, held particular interest for him. This image documents plants that occur at specific locations on the peak. It also includes information about the ascent of the mountain—such as “The travellers began to bleed from the eyes, the lips & gums”—and comparative information about the heights of other mountains. This fascinating image combines elements of a travel account with botanical and geological information, and is a fine example of Humboldt’s interest in the “unity of nature.”
Read more about Humboldt in Botanical Personalities.
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Dorrit BLACK (1891 - 1951) The mountain lake. c.1935
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Isabelle Cornaro, 
Of Cinematic, 2011
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~   Arthur Rimbaud, Une Saison en enfer (Délires)

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Cornelia Caufmann
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Mascara Africana
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Col Margherita by Youronas on Flickr.
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Not even back 24 hours and I’m already in the mountains.
Anchorage, AK
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Taking a break near the top of Bird Ridge Peak  
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Twinkle twinkle rainbow stars, how I wonder what you are…
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